Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Techlabel?

Techlabel is a startup company located at Cochin, founded based on a simple idea to make students' life easier by incorporating digital media onto paper.

How can I get started?

It is as easy as a pie. You can visit, click on the signup button on the side navigation bar or click here. Fill in your basic details followed by email verification by OTP. There you are done.

What should i do next?

After finishing signup, you will be taken to the login page.
For the first time users, you need to add sticker permission.
Find the Sticker named authentication and scan it after login, A message will be displayed to you informing about the stickers you are permitted to use.
Login again to start using your favourite sticker.

Can I reuse the sticker?

No, to prevent fraudulent activity, you are allowed to assign only one photo or video to a single sticker. However you can scan the sticker as many times as you want. Soon you will be allowed to delete the content of a sticker.

What can I assign in a sticker?

You are allowed to assign virtually anything, ranging from photos, videos, youtube link, web address, url of a file, cloud drive, or your facebook page. The only constraint is that it should have a URL.

How can I add a newly taken photo to a sticker?

Since the photo you have taken is on your device, you can obtain the URL of the photo by uploading to google photos and sharing a link. It can be easily achieved by sharing the photo to google photos by clicking the copy link directly from the camera app. In addition to this you can also upload the photo to your google drive, dropbox, onedrive, or icloud.

How can I assign a video?

If the video is already on the internet (youtube, etc,), you can simply copy the video address from the address bar to techlabel. However, if you have shot the video, you can either upload to your google drive, dropbox, onedrive, icloud, or youtube and use the url.

How is techlabel useful for students?

Many of us have come across a scenario in the classroom, where students are presented with different diagrams or pictures in powerpoint presentations. One often finds it difficult to draw and endup taking pictures which never see the light again. This is because of the difficult task of finding the right relevant pictures again during the busy revision. Techlabel makes this easy for you by an easy to use printed QR codes. All you have to do is stick a code wherever necessary and assign it to the picture taken. Next time whenever you read, just point your cellphone at the sticker and it pops up in a Jiff.

How can it benefit readers?

It is common to verify the source, or search the internet for more information when you read an article, journal, or reference books. Techlabel makes your work easy the next time you do the same by pasting a sticker wherever you need.

What are the potential uses of Techlabel?

Techlabel caters to a wide audience from students to professionals. Some of the uses are as follows.
Link a photo, video, or source to a notebook.
Personalised video message in a gift card.
Control Internet of things devices using webhooks.
Share picture, contact, wifi password.
Use as a digital identifier in notebooks, bags or belongings.
Share digital documents with paper.

Do you store photos?

We do not store any photo or video. We provide only service. It is the user's choice where the photo or video is uploaded.

What is the validity of each sticker?

Each QR sticker is valid for a period of One Year and beyond (if required) should you choose to extend the validity. The extension of validity is free upto one month and users requiring the same should contact us.

Page shows ‘You are not authorised to use this sticker’ What should I do?

This is because you don't have permission to use this sticker. For the first time users, you need to add permission. After login, find the Sticker named authentication and scan it, A message will be displayed to you informing about the stickers you are permitted to use. Login again to start using your favourite sticker.

Page shows ‘Oops someone has used your sticker’ What should I do?

The most common cause for this error is that your authentication sticker has already been used. Techlabel does not permit the use of the same sticker set by different users. This is done to prevent malicious use. In such cases you can contact us for more information.